Seth Loe

Chief Technology Officer
Seth is the cornerstone of our IT operations, bringing extensive expertise and a strategic approach to several critical areas. He is the go-to person for all matters related to IT service delivery, ensuring that all IT services are delivered seamlessly and efficiently. He oversees the entire IT infrastructure, making key decisions and reviews to maintain and enhance our systems. His leadership ensures our IT environment is reliable and up-to-date. Seth plays a pivotal role in evaluating and integrating new partner practices. He reviews the existing infrastructure of new partners and determines the necessary changes and timelines for both new and existing partners. His strategic planning ensures smooth transitions and effective integration, keeping our operations aligned and efficient. As our organization's security officer, Seth is responsible for the review, implementation, and management of security policies. He evaluates and manages our security technologies to protect our data and systems, ensuring we adhere to the highest standards of security. With Seth at the helm of our IT operations, you can trust that our technological backbone is in expert hands, fostering a secure, efficient, and forward-thinking environment for our organization.