Ronald Norlund, O.D.

Chief Medical Officer
With over 25 years of experience in optometry and eye care leadership, Ronald K. Norlund, O.D., is known as a motivating leader that has delivered results through a combination of focus on promoting individual doctors as well as a strong commitment to drive overall growth and expansion for all our partners. Dr. Norlund is the Chief Medical Officer of Bridgeview Eye Partners and the President of Midwest Eye Consultants, P.C. With his joint leadership, Dr. Norlund has helped build the operational infrastructure that began Bridgeview Eye Partners and built Midwest Eye Consultants into a leading fully integrated eye health provider in the Midwest. Prior to joining Midwest Eye Consultants, Dr. Norlund co-founded a successful hybrid eye health and surgery practice, which he eventually merged into Midwest Eye Consultants. Dr. Norlund has continued to be a practicing optometrist throughout his tenure so is well acquainted with the many hurdles individual practitioners face every day as well as what it takes to run an individual practice integrating both optometry and ophthalmology. After merging with Midwest Eye Consultants, Dr. Norlund successfully initiated and negotiated acquisitions of optometry and ophthalmology that facilitated the company’s growth. Dr. Norlund brings his insight along with his vision, strategy, and leadership to Bridgeview Eye Partners with a commitment to increasing the company’s worth and to provide more value to our partners. Dr. Norlund received his doctor of optometry degree from Indiana University School of Optometry in Bloomington, Indiana.