Larry Maggart

Director of Lab Services
As Director of Lab Services, Larry Maggart was instrumental in the research, design, and construction of our 14,000-square-foot premier lens facilities located in the United States. Through his direction and supervision, the facility currently manufactures over 163,000 lenses per year and includes an automated production line along with a state-of-the-art EBC900 AR Vacuum Chamber. During Larry’s 31 years of experience in the lens manufacturing industry, he has developed and implemented initiatives that have elevated all aspects of Bridgeview’s lens manufacturing process and improved the quality, selection & turnaround of the lens products for our partner practices. Larry is motivated by challenges and problem-solving which have been the catalyst for his success in lab design, engineering, advanced technology, and innovative workflows.  Larry creates a competitive advantage by leveraging physician insight & leadership with the latest in lens designs & materials.  Larry served in the U.S. Army where he received training in inventory management and supply training. He has certifications in occupational safety and root cause analysis.