Clayton Farr

Vice President of Technology
Clayton Farr is a seasoned professional in the realm of technology, having graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. With a solid foundation in IT, Clayton has spent the last 8 years diligently engineering healthcare technologies, demonstrating unwavering commitment and expertise in his field. His journey has seen him evolve into a devoted leader within our organization, where he has spearheaded IT support delivery with dedication and reliability for the past 3 years. Clayton's success in his career has led him into the role of Vice President of Technology within our esteemed company. In this pivotal position, Clayton's responsibilities encompass a wide array of crucial tasks, each pivotal in driving our technological initiatives forward. Clayton remains committed to ensuring that our practices receive top-notch IT support while actively contributing to the continued growth and prosperity of Bridgeview. With Clayton at the helm of our technological endeavors, we can look forward to a future illuminated by innovation and excellence.