Cathy Garrett-Smith

President, Chief Operating Officer
Cathy Garrett-Smith, BS, COE, CHC, is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Bridgeview Eye Partners and COO for Midwest Eye Consultants, P.C. She brings 25 years of operational experience and strong organizational skills to her position and has helped develop both these companies into what they are today. Cathy’s ability to deliver results through operational excellence to meet growth goals and other key business objectives is unparalleled. Over the years, she’s earned a reputation for delivering superlative results through focusing on top talent and better operational outcomes, reducing expenditures and increasing advancements. Cathy will continue to help scale up and drive value for our partners. Her focus has always been to provide high-impact resolutions with centralized administration and cohesive efforts of an operational team and physician team, which has simultaneously created long-term value for our doctors and partners and a strong support network for future growth and expansion.