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Exceptional services to support your growing practice

Bridgeview Eye Partners is a seasoned team of innovative experts in the eye care industry whose track record for successfully onboarding practices goes back over 30 years. As we get to know you, we will thoughtfully collaborate to determine the best level of support for your practice. We understand that physicians want to be free from the headaches of running a business so that they can spend their time providing excellence in patient care.  We will take away many of the weekly tasks that you currently spend time on including paperwork, collections, compliance, employee issues, and other business hassles. Through our collaborative efforts, we will grow your vision for the future.

How We're Different

We listen to what is important to you. How have you grown your practice? What are you known for in your community? How do you celebrate your staff?  Anything that matters to you matters to us.

Our support to each of our partners includes:

  •   A practice model that provides excellent eye care to both rural & urban communities
  •   An outreach program developed to connect practices to communities
  •   A physician leadership team that provides patient delivery resources & mentorship
  •   Opportunities for physicians to take leadership & ownership roles within the organization
  •   A home for your staff that includes great benefits, training, and advancement opportunities
  •  Continued loyalty to existing practice physicians and family members
  •   Extensive vendor relationships providing access to state-of-the-art equipment & technology
  •   A vertically integrated model fulfilling providers by practicing to the top of their license
  •   Strong financial support & access to capital resources to provide continued growth
  •   A customized strategy tailored to your needs to preserve your patient care model
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Partnership Levels

Bridgeview supports its practice partners by providing business and administrative functions and its considerable practice expertise, knowledge, and resources to help its partners grow and achieve new levels. Together, we will determine what level of support your practice will receive. Bridgeview will oversee financial management, HR, and risk/compliance for all partners.

Human Resources & Recruiting

To provide exceptional care you need an exceptional team. From recruiting, onboarding, and benefit management to employee relations, staff performance, compliance, and professional development, Bridgeview Eye Partners offers broad human resource support, navigating through all the complexities and risks associated with “people” management to maintain a culture that attracts and retains qualified talent committed to eye care excellence.

Accounting & Finance

Bridgeview Eye Partners supports all accounting, legal, tax, and payroll functions for your practice. In addition, we can manage contract negotiations, vendor relationships, insurance plans, capital expenditure analysis, and budget preparation, taking all the administrative and financial burdens off your plate.

Information Technology

Technology is constantly changing and growing in complexity, especially in the healthcare space. There are increased demands for compliance along with ever evolving and changing cyber-security threats. New systems and updates to support patient communication, practice management, EHR and more computerized ophthalmic equipment have become a necessity. It can all be very overwhelming. Bridgeview Eye Partners supports all IT functions, ensuring your practice is secure, efficient, and equipped to provide the highest levels of care.


From clinic to office supplies, to frame inventory and miscellaneous retail items, managing the supply chain for all products necessary for practice operations can be a full-time job. Bridgeview Eye Partners offers centralized procurement services to streamline the all-encompassing process of negotiating cost, setting contracts, and issuing purchase orders to various vendors. We focus on innovation, quality control, cost-savings, fulfillment, timeliness, and efficiencies.

Revenue Cycle Management

You provide exceptional patient experiences and continue to grow your practice. Make sure you maximize your efforts. Bridgeview Eye Partners have a proven record in successful revenue cycle management utilizing detailed reporting to identify and monitor profits centers. Our dedicated team of billing experts work closely with insurance companies and third-party payers to help ensure timely collection. In addition, we support claim filing, revenue posting, and the working of outstanding insurance claims.


Your unique brand is what makes you recognizable and sets you apart from the competition. Where and how you market your brand is key to lead acquisition and retaining your current patients!  Our marketing team will consult with you to make sure your marketing plan is high visibility and high results. Community marketing not only impacts your community but strengthens your team. Our eye on community program is easily customizable to your specific needs.

Compliance & Risk

Ensuring your practice remains compliant can be a daunting task. From HIPAA to PCI, to ASC regulations, the world of compliance is constantly changing. This can put your growing practice at greater risk and liability if key regulatory requirements are overlooked. Bridgeview Eye Partners utilizes a comprehensive approach to risk management. Our proactive compliance program incorporates regulatory updates, internal monitoring, clinical audits, and compliance training to mitigate risk and drive process improvements so you can “practice easy”.

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